The company

At Newauland, we have provided builder / carpentry contractor services to all residential and commercial construction industry at great Auckland region for the past 20 years.

We have involved residential house construction / renovation, commercial apartment building construction, other commercials (university, hospitals, retirement village etc.) and some civil works.

The company is a small to medium size firm as a head contractor or a carpentry subcontractor to some large scale commercial projects.

The services

Our services are including but not limit to:


  • Excavation & concrete, new or add to existing;
  • Basement development / reinstatement;
  • Levelling existing floor / subfloor structure.
  • Other foundation (bridge, ramp, stair, swimming pool, water tank etc.)

Framing and structure

  • Concrete block / precast retaining / wall
  • Timber or steel framing
  • Exposed rafter and beam
  • Steel roof or flat roof


  • Building wrap with batten system
  • Timber / aluminium joinery
  • Timber / Linea / pvc weatherboard
  • Ply / batten & board
  • ExoTec / Titan board or similar system
  • Re-clad

Internal finish

  • All internal wall lining
  • Exposed beam or sharking ceiling
  • Timber flooring and stair tread, internal joinery and trims
  • Bathroom, kitchen installation


  • Precast panel installation / grouting
  • Timber deck, pergola, fence
  • Property maintenance
  • Paint on waterproofing system

Civil work

  • Ground backfill & reinstatement
  • Demolition and excavation
  • Retaining wall
  • Bridge / ramp / culvert construction and repair
  • Driveway, water pond

The offering

  • Free and no obligation quote
  • Reliable, friendly, professional service and consultation
  • Quality workmanship and 10 years
  • Can supply all sub trades, work with authorities, consultants and specialist
  • All services come with our best knowledge, experience, care and workmanship, and in a diligent and professional manner.